Great Harvest Bread Co.

Dear Applicant,
We are on the prowl for great people. If you have a good sense of humor, an outgoing personality, and don’t mind staying in shape by busting your tail making or selling great bread, then you might be just the type of person we’re looking for. Below is the Application so print it out fill in the blanks and get it in to us.

We are happy you have expressed interest in working with us here at Great Harvest in Grand Junction.  Before you continue with the application process, there are a few important things you need to know.

Great Harvest Bread Co. is a special company. A lot of teamwork and effort goes into each day. We are excited about what we do and the products that we sell. Customer service is our top priority! Everyone in the bakery is expected to be attentive to and serve customers. While we care a lot about what goes into our products and making sure that we maintain a high standard in everything that we produce, we care even more about our customer’s experience at Great Harvest. We want it to be memorable.

Holidays are especially important at Great Harvest. These are extremely busy times for us and this makes teamwork that much more important. Employees are expected to put forth their best effort and be flexible with their schedules. Therefore, you are expected and needed to work during this time. If you have obligations or vacations planned during the holidays, you need not apply. We are flexible with schedules & vacations during other parts of the year.

You may email, send or drop off your application to our address. After you have submitted your application we will review it and decide if we would like you to move to the next phase of our interview process. We will call you to set up an interview. Please, do not call us. If you are not hired at this time, Great Harvest will keep your application on file.

Again, thank you for applying for employment at Great Harvest Bread Co. in Grand Junction and were excited to learn all about you!


Job application

Name:______________________________________    Date:________

Address: __________________________________________________

Street                                                            city/state                                    zip

Phone #: ________________________ Best time to call:___________

Under 18 years old?__________ If in school, what year?______________

Hours per week desired (list minimum needed and max.) ________________

If part-time, list available hours and days : _________________________

Will your availability listed above change in the next 6 months?__________

How long do you plan on working for us? ___________________________

Highest grade completed/ years of college/ degrees earned: ____________

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? ____ (if yes, date, place & nature)

Please answer the following:

1. Give us your 2 best work-related references (like previous employers) and phone     #’s.

2. List a brief job history. Include supervisors’ names, dates employed and reason for leaving.


3. Why did you choose to apply at Great Harvest?


4. Great Harvest is a very service-oriented business. What does good service mean to you?


5. Great Harvest is a high-volume business with a work day that can be long and stress-filled.  What makes you believe you can perform well and excel under these working conditions?